Feanor’s Celandine ♥  ÈCAILLE ANUNNAKI



Feanor’s Celandine ”Pirkkis”

Date of birth: 30.10.2013
Height: 62 cm, weight 30 kg
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0
LTV0 (official)
SP0 (unofficial)
Missing P3, scissor bite
EOAD: clear
JME: clear
Gene for liver nose

Breeder: Päivi Sormunen
Owner: Päivi Sormunen
Pirkkis in KoiraNet -database

C.I.B, MULTI CH Écaille Anunnaki ”Kaja”

Date of birth: 22.2.2010
Height: 68 cm, weight 42 kg
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD: neg.
LTV and SP free
Full scissor bite
JME: clear
DNA test for ridge: R/R
Examination of heart: all normal
Gene for liver nose

Breeder: Šárka Štusáková, kennel Anunnaki
Owner: Slàvka Noskovà
Kaja’s own page

Pirkkis is feminine bitch with excellent movement. She has correct hindquarters and forechest. Pirkkis has been healthy all her life. Most of all Pirkkis has absolutely lovely temperament. She is very social, active and easy going bitch. She is self-confident and loves children, puppies and other animals.

More information and inquiries:
Päivi Sormunen
phone +358 50 569 5996

Kaja is masculine male with excellent movement and correct strong body. He has correct angulation and absolutely stunning head and expression. Kaja has been healthy all his life. He is very easy going male and also very social. He is very friendly towards people and other dogs.

I think Pirkkis and Kaja will complement each other very well in both exterior and personality. I hope to get also some liver nose puppies!

Photo above by Aneta Ehrenbergerova.