28.12.2017 we have puppies!

F-litter is here. 3 boys and 1 girl. More details under litters-page.









24.11.2017 we will have puppies!!

We did ultrasound today and Bette is in whelp!! Puppies will born after Christmas.

30.10.2017 c-puppies 4 years old!

Happy birthday Irwin, Nelson, Ara, Vincent, Cupi, Neyla, Zola, Moona, Inda, Kayla and Pirkkis!

29.10.2017 ai

Bette has been artificially inseminated with Tank’s frozen semen. Fingers crossed!!


8.10.2017 RR Open Show

– Feanor’s Everglow ”Uuno” INT 1/2 with HP and F. Earthquake ”Basso” INT 2/2.
– F. Euphoria ”Cava” INT 3/4 and F. Express Yourself ”Yume” INT 4/4.
– F. Celandine ”Pirkkis” OPEN 1/3 with HP and finally BB4!!
– F. Beulah ”Bette” participated champion class. No placement this time.

Progeny class: Feanor’s Beulah with her kids Uuno, Basso and Yume BOB!!

Thank you Tuija, Marja, Justiina, Tero, Mirka, Janina and Miia!

1.10.2017 Helsinki Lure Coursing Competition

Another great run!! Feanor’s Eye Of The Tiger ”Roki” first place and second CACL (485 points)! Huge congratulations Jan and Katja!

23.9.2017 RR Lure Coursing Championship

Feanor’s Eye of The Tiger ”Roki” first official race and third place with first CACL (479 points)!! Way to go Roki! Congratulations Jan and Katja! I am so proud of you!

9.9.2017 porvoo all breed show

Feanor’s Evening Star ”Ria” INT EXC1. Well done Kristiina.

2.9.2017 helsinki all breed show

Feanor’s Everglow ”Uuno” INT EXC2. Well done Justiina!

26.8.2017 janakkala all breed show

Feanor’s Evening Star ”Ria” nicely INT EXC1 with CQ and finally BB2!! Congratulations Kristiina!

13.8.2017 Mäntsälä group show: ria bis1!!!!

Wohoo!! Feanor’s Dwalin ”Veikko” OPEN EXC1, CQ, BM1 and BOS with first CAC, Feanor’s Evening Star ”Ria” INT EXC1, CQ, BB1 and BOB with first CAC, Feanor’s Delwyn ”Mila” OPEN VG2. Judge Rune Fagerström, breed entry 7.

Ria was also BIG1 and finally BIS1!!!!! Amazing day! Huge congratulations Kristiina and Timo.








Pirkkis was ultra scanned and unfortunately she is not in whelp this time. We are trying again on March when her next season will be. Before that we are planning puppies for Bette. You can find more information here.

28.7.2017 helsinkin IDS

Feanor’s Everglow nicely INT EXC1 with CQ and finally BM2 with his second CAC and res-CACIB->CACIB. Great work Justiina & Uuno and congratulations!









3.7.-4.7.2017 AI

Pirkkis has been artificially inseminated with Kaja’s frozen semen. Fingers crossed!!




1.7.2017 tuusula all breed show

Feanor’s Everglow ”Uuno” INT EXC2 and Feanor’s Evening Star ”Ria” INT EXC2 with CQ. Judge Dianna Spavin.  Congratulations Justiina ja Kristiina!

17.6.2015 kotka international show

Feanor’s Everglow ”Uuno” INT EXC1 with CQ and finally BM4 with first CAC!! Wohoo! Great work Justiina and congratulations!










12.6.2017 happy birthday mila and Veikko!

D-puppies turn 2 years old today. Happy birthday Mila and Veikko!

3.6.2017 rally obedience trial in hanko

Feanor’s Aragorn ”Niro” 91/100 points and Feanor’s Celandine ”Pirkkis” 90/100 point. And they both got RTK1 -titles! Open class here we come! 🙂

20.5.2017 helsinki international show

Feanor’s Everglow ”Uuno” JUN EXC1 and BOB-junior. Feanor’s Evening Star ”Ria” INT VG1. Judge Liliane De Ridder-Onghena. Congratulations Justiina ja Kristiina! Well done!

19.5.2017 happy birthday

A-puppies turn 6 years old today! Happy birthday Alice, Rico, Milton, Prince, Jambo, Elmo, Luka, Niro and angel Nala!

7.5.2015 sipoo group show

Feanor’s Evening Star ”Ria” INT EXC1 with CQ and finally BB4. Congratulations Kristiina! Judge Rainer Vuorinen, FI.

22.1.2017 happy birthday

E-puppies are already 1 year old. Happy birthday Cava, Greta, Ria, Yume, Basso, Bosse, Roki and Uuno!

22.1.2017 Turku international show

Feanor’s Everglow ”Uuno” JUN EXC1. Well done Justiina!

1.1.2017 HIGHLIGHTS of 2016!

  • Our working dog Feanor’s Athelas ”Milton” competed at obedience trials and finished novice class with TK1. Great work Susanna! I am so proud of you dream team!
  • Feanor’s Branwen ”Luna” new FI CH!
  • Feanor’s Beulah ”Bette” delivered 8 lovely puppies on January. Welcome new Feanor’s family members!  Our RR Club’s show female ranking Bette was 4th. And she took again Winner title. She is now also Winner 2016!
  • Feanor’s Evening Star ”Ria” took multiple BOB-puppy placements!
  • Feanor’s Eternal Flame ”Greta” started also nicely her show career being BOB-puppy twice!
  • Feanor’s day in Kellokoski.

I am so proud of you team Feanor’s! I want to thank all of you…you have been so active and made me so proud of you! ♥

Happy New Year 2017 to all our friends! May your wishes come true!

Photo Kristine Liberta.